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Publishing jobs

Publishing jobs on the CVCorner jobboard, or on our community jobboards (our Corners), is very easy. When you follow the next 4 steps, you will have your jobs online in no time!

  1. Register your company

    You can register your company via https://www.cvcorner.com/Home/Start

    Follow the steps and your profile will be ready in a jiffy!

  1. Create the jobs you want to publish
  2. Log in to your brand-new company account and click Add job to create a job. Fill in the necessary fields and save the job to your dashboard.

  1. Buy credits

    Once your jobs are ready to be published, you will need credits to do so.

    Go to the credits shop by pressing Add more and buy the number of credits that complies with your needs.

    1 job / month = 50 credits
    Enjoy our generous discounts by buying credits in bulk! ( https://www.cvcorner.com/Content/Pricing)

  1. Publish your job to CVCorner and one of our community jobboards

    To publish your jobs: Press Publish job next to the job you want to publish.

    Choose the publication period and select the additional job channels that suit the job. Your job is published to the CVCorner jobboard by default.

  1. Sit back and let us do our thing!
    Candidates can apply for your jobs immediately after publishing!
    Now it is our turn to bring your job postings to suitable candidates through digital and physical marketing campaigns.


Can my ATS system post jobs to CVCorner?

Yes, it can!

CVCorner supports ATS systems and provides an API key in the company's back office.

CVWarehouse ATS already has an established job feed, and its users enjoy CVCorner for free!


Can I promote my business on the homepage?

Yes, you can! CVCorner allows you to:
  • feature your jobs on the homepage
  • feature your company logo on the homepage
  • make use of our ‘company in the picture’ advertisement

The services mentioned above are also available for Student Corner if your company has active jobs on Student Corner.


Please contact us if you’re interested in one of these services.